Impetu No.1 – Tianguis Místico


Impetu No.1

Impetu No.1 brings together work by a group of Los Angeles-born and raised Latinx-Xicanx artists, illustrators, and researchers, invited by LACA to experiment with collectivity and fugitivity to contribute to new forms of cultural imagery. The group consists of Geani Sanabria, Yair Sarmiento, Rosalinda Meza, Aaron Edmundo, Ezequiel Olvera, Pablo Fernando, Efren Landeros, and Eduardo Robles.

The quarterly magazine will explore themes and concepts initiated through informal discussion, affective exchange, workshops, and risographic printing sessions. For issue No.1 Tianguis Místico, the collective’s subjective pluralities constellate notions of self-nurture, futurity, cosmology, transcendence, and eroticism through compulsive détournement, drug-induced scribbling, meditative jotting, lucid drawing, and satire cartooning.

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